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本文摘要:Unit 4 Amazing ScienceTopic 2 I’m excited about the things that will be discovered in the future.Section A一、单项选择1. If you say “ yes”, your face will on the of the machine. A. be display; window B. displaying; screen C. be displayed; screen


Unit 4 Amazing ScienceTopic 2 I’m excited about the things that will be discovered in the future.Section A一、单项选择1. If you say “ yes”, your face will on the of the machine. A. be display; window B. displaying; screen C. be displayed; screen D. display; window2. I believe Mars soon in the future by human beings. A. maybe visit B. will be visited C. may visit D. can visit3. Scientists think that humans will live in space . A. later B. later on C. after 100 years D. one day4. We will anything during the coming vacations. A. can do B. able to do C. be able to do D. could5. China has been able to in , and in this field it has achieved great achievement. A. explore; outing space B. explore; outer space C. exploring; out of sky D. explored; outing sky二、凭据汉语提示完成句子1. 今晚将要有一部精彩的影戏上映。There will be a to be tonight.2. 你相信下个世纪人类将要生活在火星上吗?Do you believe humans Mars next century?3. 我希望我能在世上任何一个地方旅行。I hope I will travel in the world.4. 也许外星人来地球是为了相识人类文化。Maybe aliens come to the earth human culture.5. 我对海底探险很感兴趣。

I’m very interested in .三、完形填空Life in the 22nd century will be different from life in the 21th century, because many changes will take place in the new century. But what will the changes be?The population is 1 fast. There will be more and more people in the world and most of them will live 2 than before. 3 will be much smaller and more useful, and there will be at least one in every home. And computer studies will be one of the important subjects at 4 .People will work fewer hours than they did in the 21th century, and they will have more free time for sports, 5 TV and traveling. Traveling will be more 6 . And many more people will go to other countries for holidays.More land will be used for building new towns and houses. Then there will be less room for cows and sheep, so 7 will be more expensive. Maybe no one will eat it every day, 8 they eat more vegetables and fruit. Maybe people will be healthier.Work in the future will be 9 , too. Dangerous and hard work will be done by robots. 10 of this, many people will not have enough work to do. This will be a problem.1.A.making B.growing C.running D.doing2.A.longer B.shorter C.faster D.taller3.A.Trains B.Cars C.Computers D.Houses4.A.factory B.hospital C.farm D.school5.A.watching B.seeing C.1ooking D.buying6.A.interesting B.convenient C.expensive D.difficult7.A.fruit B.milk C.meat D.bread8.A.instead B.sometimes C.still D.however9.A.dangerous B.difficult C.heavy D.different10.A.One B.Some C.Because D.All参考谜底一、l. C2. B will be visited 一般未来时的被动语态。3. D later on 以后。4. C will be able to do sth.结构的一般未来时。

5. B二、1. wonderful movie; shown2. will live on3. be able to; everywhere4. in order to learn about5. exploring under the sea三、文章主要对未来22世纪生活的畅想。人口快速增长,人们的事情时间缩短,有更多的时间旅游,更多的陆地被用来建屋子,机械人将做危险的、难的事情,许多人将没有事情可做。1.B【剖析】句意:人口快速增长。考察动词辨析。

making制作;growing增长;running跑;doing做;凭据There will be more and more people in the world 世界上将会有越来越多的人,可知人口快速增长;故选B。2.A【剖析】句意:他们多数人将会比以前活的更长。


考察名词辨析。trains火车;cars汽车;computers电脑;houses屋子;凭据后句computer studies will be one of the important subjects电脑学习将会是重要的课程之一;可知是“电脑”;故选C。

4.D【剖析】句意:电脑学习在学校将会是重要的课程之一。考察名词辨析。factory工厂;hospital医院;farm农场;school学校;凭据one of the important subjects重要的课程之一,可知是“在学校”;故选D。


watching寓目;seeing瞥见;1ooking看;buying买;凭据have more free time 有更多的业余时间,以及 TV,应该是watch TV看电视;故选A。6.B【剖析】句意:旅游将会更利便。考察形容词辨析。

interesting有趣的;convenient利便的;expensive昂贵的;difficult难题的;凭据many more people will go to other countries for holidays许多人将出国旅游,可知旅游利便了;故选B。7.C【剖析】句意:因此,肉将会更贵。考察名词辨析。

fruit水果;milk牛奶;meat肉;bread面包;凭据 there will be less room for cows and sheep将会有更少的空间给牛和羊,可知肉会少,所以贵;故选C。8.A【剖析】句意:也许不能天天吃它,而是吃更多的水果和蔬菜。考察副词辨析。

instead取代;sometimes有时;still仍然;however然而;Maybe no one will eat it every day也许人们不能天天吃肉,所以取而代之的是水果和蔬菜;故选A。9.D【剖析】句意:在未来事情也会纷歧样。

考察形容词辨析。dangerous危险的;difficult难题的;heavy重的;different差别的;凭据Dangerous and hard work will be done by robots危险的繁重的事情让机械人来做,可知未来的事情也与现在的事情纷歧样;故选D。10.C【剖析】句意:因为这,许多人将会没有事情可做。

考察连词辨析。one一个;some一些;because因为;all所有;Dangerous and hard work will be done by robots.危险的繁重的事情让机械人来做,和many people will not have enough work to do许多人江没有事情可做;可知表现原因;故选C。Section B一、单项选择 1. Many people actually live in the country live in the city. A. prefer; rather B. prefer to; rather than C. prefer; than D. preferring; to2. Some people walking taking a bus, because they think walking is good for their health. A. enjoy; to B. likes; / C. prefer; to D. like; better3. Gradually I that what I wanted could only be found in my dreams. A. realize B. realized C. know D. see4. Tim would like to know . As for it, you’d better not tell him. A. new something B. something new C. anything new D. nothing new5. With development of science, more and more things in the future. A. will discover B. can discover C. will be discovered D. are discovering二、用合适的句子补全对话A: Tina, have you heard the news on TV about Chang’e Ⅲ?B: Yes, I have. Chinese scientists are so great that they developed it in such short time, and have succeeded in launching.A: I know a little about it. 1 ?B: Certainly, Chang’e Ⅲ with a lunar probe named Yutu has reached the moon, and left Yutu on the surface of the moon.A: 2 ?B: It will stay there forever, but only work for 3 months.A: 3 ?B: It’s used for exploring the moon and doing some scientific research.A: 4 ?B: It works in the daytime and “sleeps” at night.A: You know so much. 5 .B: You’re welcome.三、阅读明白 It is 40 meters long and 6 meters wide. This must be the biggest bus you have ever seen. It can carry 1,200 to 1,400 people.It is China’s new Super Bus. It is going for a test run in Beijing at the end of this year. Some other cities are also interested in running the Super Bus. They hope the traffic problems will be solved. The Super Bus runs along fixed tracks . The bus sits on top of two 2.2-meter-tall legs. The legs have wheels at one end. Small cars can drive under the bus, so the Super Bus does not take up road space. The bus runs on electricity and solar power. It can travel up to 60 km every hour. Its creator, Song Youzhou, says a lot of traffic jams (堵塞) will be reduced… The Super Bus can do the work of 40 buses. In that way, it can save 860 tons of fuel (燃料) every year, according to Song.“To build a Super Bus and its track costs less than building subways. Subways are nearly ten times more expensive to build.” Song said.Some people worry that the Super Bus may not be safe. However, Song says there’s no need for concern. The Super Bus has laser scanners (激光扫描仪) between its legs. The scanners make sure the cars keep a safe distance.1.The Super Bus can carry ________ people. A.1,300 B.1,500 C.1,700 D.1,9002.All the following are the advantages of the Super Bus EXCEPT that________. A.the bus doesn't take up road space B.the bus can do the work of 40 buses C.the bus is very easy to build and drive D.the bus can save a lot of energy every year3.According to Song, it's safe for small cars to drive under the Super Bus because________. A.the bus is tall enough B.the road is wide enough C.there are scanners between its legs D.the bus travels at 60 km per hour4.We can guess that Song's purpose for building the bus was to________. A.take the place of small cars B.solve traffic problems C.increase the speed D.reduce car accidents5.This passage is mainly about________. A.the normal bus B.the small car C.the subway D.the Super Bus参考谜底一、1. B prefer to do A rather than do B 相比力做B而言,更喜欢做A。2. C prefer doing A to doing B 结构。

3. B4. B something new形容词修饰不定代词要放在其后5. C 一般未来时的被动语态。二、1. Could you tell me about it in detail?2. How long will it stay there?3. What is it used for?4. How does it work?5. Thank you for telling me.三、这篇漫笔讲述了北京新研发的超级公交车,它有超大的载客量,行驶时不占路面,节约能源等优点;它的激光扫描仪可以保证车辆的宁静。1.A【剖析】题意:超级巴士可以携带________人。

考察细节明白题。文章第一段It can carry 1,200 to 1,400 people.它可以承载1200到1400小我私家,联合题意和语境可知选A。


A. the bus doesn't take up road space这辆公共汽车不占用门路空间;B. the bus can do the work of 40 buses这辆公共汽车能做40辆公共汽车的事情;C. the bus is very easy to build and drive这辆公共汽车很容易制作和驾驶;D. the bus can save a lot of energy every year这辆公共汽车每年能节约许多能源。在文章内里,提到了许多这种公交车的优点,例如不占路面,有超大的容量,节约能源等,但没有提到它容易驾驶,故选C。3.C【剖析】题意:凭据宋的说法,小型车在超级巴士下行驶是宁静的,因为_______。

文章最后一段The Super Bus has laser scanners between its legs. The scanners make sure the cars keep a safe distance.超级公交车在它的两腿中间有激光扫描仪,它可以确保车辆保持宁静的距离,联合题意和语境可知选D。4.B【剖析】题意:我们可以料想宋制作公共汽车的目的是_________。考察细节明白题。

文章第二段Some other cities are also interested in running the Super Bus. They hope it can solve traffic problems.一些其他都会也对这种超级公交车感兴趣,他们希望可以用它解决交通问题,联合题意和语境可知选B。5.D【剖析】题意:这篇文章主要是关于________。考察主旨明白题。

A. the normal bus正常的公共汽车;B. the small car小型车;C. the subway地铁;D. the Super Bus超级巴士。本文主要讲述了北京新研发的超级公交车。凭据本文内容可知选D。Section C一、用方框中所给出的适当形式填空storm, journey, weigh, general, excite1. The news of launching Chang’e Ⅲ caused people’s great .2. , the weather in Sichuan is neither too cold nor too hot in summer.3. The end of everybody’s is the same, death.4. The sky cleared up after the , and the sun was shining in the sky.5. He himself on the scale, and it was 60 kg.二、单项选择1. It 3 days they arrived here. A. has been; before B. was; since C. has been; since D. is; ago2. He was “Wu Shiliu”, in memory of his grandfather who was 56 years old when he was born. A. name with B. named for C. name of D. named after3. Our hall is theirs but it wasn’t used completely. A. as large as 3 times B. as 3 times as C. 3 times as large as D. as 3 large times as4. The girl standing 10 centimeters from the river bank is asking for help. A. at distance of B. at a distance for C. at the distance for D. at a distance of5. It will them 3 days their destination. A. spend; reaching B. spend; on C. take; to reach D. take; get三、阅读明白Mission to MarsOn July 4, 1997, space exploration took a huge step. On that day, a spacecraft called Pathfinder landed on Mars. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) sent Pathfinder to discover new information about the Red Planet.The mission was a complete success. After landing, Pathfinder sent a small rover (周游机械人), Sojourner, onto the planet's surface. Sojourner explored more than 250 square meters of Mars. Together, designed Sojourner to last for only seven days, but little vehicle ran twelve times longer! Pathfinder surprised scientists, too. It sent back information for almost three months. That was three times longer than it was built to last.Because Pathfinder and Sojourner ran for so long, scientists got more information than they ever dreamed of getting. For one thing, they discovered that Mars is very sandy. Pictures of sand dunes around the land site hint that Mars once had water. Scientists know that water means life. Was there ever life on Mars? We don't know yet. In addition, the Pathfinder mission told scientists that Mars is dusty. Huge "dust devils" on Mars spit enormous amounts of dust into the Martian air. Pathfinder also discovered frosty Martian temperatures at 200 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. At that temperature, a glass of water would freeze solid in just a few seconds.In October, scientists lost Pathfinder's signal because the spacecraft's battery had run down. They tried to revive the signal but had no luck. The mission officially ended on November 4.Scientists hope to use the knowledge from these missions to better understand how life on earth began. They will also use it to plan future Mars missions.1.What did NASA do to get information about Mars? A.NASA sent the spacecraft Sojourner to Mars. B.NASA sent engineers on a three-month space mission. C.NASA sent the spacecraft Pathfinder to Mars. D.NASA sent astronauts to run tests for seven days.2.What was the main reason NASA considered the Pathfinder mission a success? A.Scientists found out that Mars is very cold and dusty. B.Scientists got more information than they ever dreamed of getting. C.Scientists learned that Mars definitely had water at one time. D.Scientists found out that there was once life on Mars.3.You can learn from this passage that ________ A.dust devils on Mars made the photographs hard to see. B.Martian temperatures caused Pathfinder's battery to fail. C.scientists suspect that life on Earth began on Mars. D.scientists will look for signs that life existed on Mars.参考谜底一、1. excitement 2. Generally 3. journey 4. storm 5. weighed二、1. C It has been+一段时间+ since结构,since从句常用一般已往时。

2. D name after 以......命名。3. C 倍数+as large as大几倍的表达法。


4. D at a distance of…在......远的距离。5. C It takes sb. some time to do sth. 某人花......时间做某事。三、句意:本文主要讲了美国宇航局的火星探测器,“探路者”号将一辆小型火星车“索杰纳”号送上火星外貌。


凭据文中“The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) sent Pathfinder to discover new information about the Red Planet.” 美国国家航空航天局(NASA)派出“探路者”去发现有关这颗红色星球的新信息。可知,美国宇航局派遣太空飞船旅行者到Mars,故选A。2.B【剖析】细节明白题。

凭据文中“Because Pathfinder and Sojourner ran for so long, scientists got more information than they ever dreamed of getting.” 因为探路者和旅居者运行了这么长时间,科学家们获得了比他们梦想获得的更多的信息。可知,美国宇航局认为探路者任务乐成的主要原因是:科学家们获得了比他们梦想获得的更多的信息。故选B。

3.D【剖析】细节明白题。凭据文中“Scientists hope to use the knowledge from these missions to better understand how life on earth began. They will also use it to plan future Mars missions.” 科学家们希望使用这些任务的知识来更好地相识地球上的生命是如何开始的。他们还将使用它来计划未来的火星任务。

可知,从这篇文章中你可以看出科学家们将寻找火星上存在生命的迹象,故选D。Section D一、单项选择1.You will be successful ________if you keep on working hard. A.some days B.a day C.the day D.one day2.I hope to visit other planets ______Mars______ spaceship. A.on, by B.like, by C.as, in D.by, like3.My sister hardly ever eat junk food_____ keep healthy. A.so that B.in order to C.for D.in order that4.It ______3 years _____China launched Chang’e 1. A.is, for B.has been, with C.was, since D.has been, since5.---How many books did you borrow?---Four. I borrowed one yesterday, and ______three this morning. A.other B.the other C.another D.others二、凭据汉语提示完成句子1. 没有人知道在火星上是否有生命。

No one know if there .2. 火星也是一颗绕着太阳转的行星。Mars a that the sun.3. 迄今为止,科学家们在火星上还没有发现任何生命。

, scientists haven’t on Mars.4.在允许规模内,我们将能做任何事情。We will that is allowed.5.你试图和她交流过吗?Have you communicate her?三、阅读下面的漫笔,用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空,须要时可加助动词。The third long March-5 rocket, China's largest carrier rocket was successfully launched (发射) from Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan Province on Dec. 27, 2019. The rocket 1.(name) Long March-5 Y3. It left the ground from the launch center at 8:45 pm, carrying the Shijian-20 satellite, the 2.(heavy) and most modern communications satellite of China. About 2,220 seconds later, the satellite was sent into 3.(it) planned orbit(轨道) .The Long March-5 rocket 4. (make) the first flight on Nov. 3, 2016 from Wenchang. However, the 5.(two) largest rocket, Long March-5 Y2, experienced a failure on July 2,2017. 6. (Compare) with Long March-5 Y2, the new rocket Long March-5 Y3 has shown more than 200 technological improvements.Qu Yiguang, director of the Long March-5 Y3 research team, said, "Under great pressure, the research team has put all the efforts into the rocket over the past two years. We are very 7. (pride) that we can take part in the development of the Long March-5 rocket, which shows the highest level of China's rocket technology. "After over two years of 8. (silent) in Wenchang, the Chinese welcomed the return of the "king" with excitement.Since the Long March-1 sent China's frist satellite into space 50 years ago, the Long March series rockets 9. (complete) 323 flights. Over the past years, China's rocket technology has been greatly improved. With the success of the Long March-5 Y3 rocket, China 10.(see) a busy year in space activities next year.参考谜底一、1.D【剖析】句意:如果你继续努力,总有一天你会乐成的。

A. some days一些天;B. a day一天;C. the day特指的一天;D. one day指未来的某一天。联合语境可知,乐成的那一天是不确定的,因此清除C;而且乐成了就是一天之际,因此也不用复数。清除A;由will可知,本题是一般未来时,因此选择one day指未来的某一天。故选D。


故选B。3.B【剖析】句意:我妹妹险些从不吃垃圾食品以便保持康健。A. so that以便,其后跟句子;B. in order to为了,跟动词原形;C. for为了;D. in order that为了(后面跟句子)。凭据keep healthy可知,keep是动词原形,因此清除A/D;for是介词后跟动名词,所以选项C差池。


本题考察句型:It is(has been)+时间+since+连续性动词的已往时”,表现“自从……以来到现在已有多久。”本题中的选项A/B的第二个空应该用since,而不用for或with,因此清除;选项C的第一个空用was,那么在since引导的从句中,应该用已往完成时。


我昨天借了一本,今天早上又借了三本。A. other指另外的人或物;B. the other表现“两个数量中的另一个”,表现特指,总数为俩;C. another只能用于三个或更多的人或物,泛指同类事物中的三者或三者以上的“另一个”,表现泛指。

D. others只能作代词,意思是“其它的人、物、事等”,常用来泛指。本文的语境是:我昨天借了一本,今天早上又借了三本。因此选择another“又,再”。故选C。

二、1. is life on Mars2. is also; planet; runs around3. So far; discovered any life4. be able to do anything5. tried to; with三、文章讲述的是中国最大的运载火箭长征五号第三枚火箭于2019年12月27日从海南文昌航天发射中心乐成发射升空。以及中国在此方面近几年来取得的成就。1.was named【剖析】句意:这枚火箭被命名为长征五号Y3。

句子主语rocket是单数名词,与动词name之间是被动关系,且讲述的是已往的事情,所以应该用一般已往时的被动结构,故填was named。2.heaviest【剖析】句意:它于晚上8点45分从发射中心脱离地面,搭载着中国最重、最现代化的通信卫星“时建20号”。and并列两部门后面是最高级形式,则前面也用最高级,且空格前有the,这里表达的是“最重的”,故填heaviest。

3.its【剖析】句意:约莫2220秒后,卫星被送入预定轨道。由句意明白可知,这里指的是“它的预定轨道”,指代“某人的”要用物主代词,且空格后有名词,所以要用形容词性物主代词,故填its。4.made【剖析】句意:长征五号火箭于2016年11月3日从文昌首次航行。句中的时间是on Nov. 3, 2016,表现已往,所以动词要用已往式,故填made。

5.second【剖析】句意:然而,第二大火箭长征五号Y2于2017年7月2日发生故障。凭据前文“The third long March-5 rocket, China's largest carrier rocket was _____ (success) launched(发射)…The rocket _____ (name) Long March-5 Y3.”可知,这里的Y2是第二大的火箭,英语中表达“第几”要用序数词,故填second。

6.Compared【剖析】句意:与长征五号Y2相比,新型火箭长征五号Y3显示了200多项技术革新。空格与句子主语“the new rocket Long March-5 Y3”之间是“被比力”的关系,所以这里应该用已往分词,故填Compared。7.proud【剖析】句意:我们很自豪能够到场到展示中国火箭技术最高水平的长征五号火箭研制中。

空格在句中是作表语,是放在be动词之后,应该用形容词表达,故填proud。8.silence【剖析】句意:在文昌寂静了两年多之后,中国人兴奋地接待‘王’的回归。由句意可知,这里表达的是“两年的寂静”,这里是of所有格形式,所以应该用名词形式,故填silence。9.have completed【剖析】句意:长征系列火箭已完成323次航行。

句中有“Since+时间段+ago”,是现在完成时的标志词,而句子主语是复数名词rockets,所以这里应该用have,故填have completed。10.will see【剖析】句意:随着长征五号Y3火箭的乐成发射,中国明年将迎来太空运动忙碌的一年。句中的时间next year可知,这里应该用一般未来时,结构是“will+动词原形”,故填will see。